Czarina Elizabeata Romanova (insanedeity) wrote in theatre_techies,
Czarina Elizabeata Romanova

Scrim repair? (Stop laughing.)

Hey all.  All I am hoping for a brain wave from the ether on this.  I have been working on a set of moving panels covered in scrim for a show.  They are  9' x 5', made of 1" square steel.  the scrim is stretched across the front and outside edge then stapled to a tack strip (1/4" luan fastened  with T-nails.) on the back.  They ride on common closet door hanger track/ hardware.  Now the bitchy part. 

Before they were even hung, someone managed to put a 2" square hole in the center of a panel.  used a reweaving method on that hole which is less visable (from 10' and with the projections) than I thought.  I have also done some weaving along the front edges of the scrim frames.  Catch is now they have managed to shred apprx.  10"  the scrim along the bottom of the frame at the rearmost edge.  It is sliced where the scrim abuts the tack strip.  I am not really guessing this is a fixable issue, but the going thought is to take a strip of scrap, weave that in to the existing panel, then re-stretch that section.  Needless to say they are also not getting these damn things back till we are sure they are safe to use without damage...

So, does this seem viable as a repair?  Will it hold under the tension?  Am I missing an easier way to do this?  Yes, every surface of exposed scrim that contacts an object is getting covered by something solid.  Or should this just be given up as a bad job, and the panel replaced?
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