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Gifts for new lighting people/kids

I'm designing lights for a show at a middle school and have 2 kids working underneath me as a spot op and my board op (an old crappy 2 scene preset which runs about 80 cues during a 94 pg. script musical no less).  They have both been FANTASTIC - hard working, quick learners, never ever complain, great instincts, always eager to learn more and they get things right about 97% of the time.  In short they're better than about 99% of the adults and professionals with which I've worked.  This is their first foray into tech theatre and lighting and I wanted to get them a little something on closing night to both thank them and 'initiate' them into our lovely world.  Unfortunately I'm short on funds so I can't go hog wild and get them anything fancy but I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for some quick and simple under $10 gifts I could get them that would hopefully help them in the future as lighting techs/designers, either conventional or not.  I'm already planning on giving them each a set of gel swatch books of Rosco, Lee and Gam (which most of our local houses use and which I can get free from my local store) and probably a bit of candy.  Anything else you guys could suggest?

EDIT: They're not yet at the point where they're hanging, focusing, or messing about with circuitry yet (school just about had a heart attack when I asked if they could, haha, though I understand why for insurance reasons) so we unfortunately didn't get to get into that much except for a hanging and focusing and few shin busters on or near the ground.  Looking for more general lighting gifts rather than practical ones as I think I have that aspect covered in the only practical way that applies to our previous work thus far.  Thanks for the awesome suggestions though and keep 'em coming!
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