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Tech programs

hi, does anybody have suggestions for a disign/tech program or simply scene painting. Im looking to transfer to a 4-year school. I have a degree in Fine Art but ultimately, I want to be a scenic artists. I've decided on applying to NCSA for their concentration in scene painting but other than that, Im stumped.

other school im looking at (please let me know if you have any thoughts about these or toher school)

Central Connecticut State University (my safety school, plus its in my home town so its cheap)
North Carolina School for the Arts
Savannah College of Art and Design (heard some negative things)

Thank in advance
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Boston University has an excellent undergraduate BFA, with concentrations in both design and technology/production:


Emerson College (also in Boston) has a great undergraduate design/tech program as well:


I've recently been looking at MFA programs and focusing more on Lighting but...
in my search URTA has been amazing. the interviews are for graduate programs but at least it is a list of about 40 schools that have good/strong theatre programs.
I hope that helps!
I graduated from the University of Arizona and they have a fantastic group of faculty. Clare P. Rowe and Peter Beudert (both are published if you want to look at some of their work) teach scene painting and design.
Look at Boston University. It's got a great scenic design program that allows you to focus in scenic painting.
If you're really interested in being a scenic artist, forget NCSA and just apply to IATSE or USA. You don't need to go to college to apply paint and the experience is much better than school anyway.
thanks for all the info guys.
Misswong: you're wright about the grad programs, they tend to not leave much for the undergrads

how about the university of the arts in PA? Anyone heard of it?
Although not a traditional university, you should look into Cobalt Studios in New York for training as a Scenic painter.
Thumbs up for NCSA! I'm in the props program there, and it really is a great school. The scenic painting teacher is amazing too, I absolutely love him.
Who is it up there?
Howard Jones
I went to SCAD but I transferred out, so I can't comment much on the program, though some portfolio's I saw are pretty awesome.
I'm not doing scenic painting, so I can't say much else though.
I'm currently attending DePaul University, in Chicago. They have a BFA program for Scene design. A good one at that. A lot of the current students here looked at Columbia too, but I haven't heard anything good about their theatre program.

The University of Cincinnati also has a good theatre program, also with a specific Scene Design major, but you can only get a BA there.
Forgot to mention, I've heard great things about NCSA. As far as theatre conservatives are concerned, they're on par with DePaul.