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Quick Question re: Mics

You might not remember me but I'm the girl who is tech director for a med school sketch show despite having next to no tech experience.

Anyway, I've found some very very useful people who are going to do most of the really technical set up and operating stuff but I have just a quick question about the stuff I'm ordering to rent.

We're ordering a number of body radio mic packs (can't remember the technical name but the person who I explained it to knew what I meant).

The other thing I had to order was mics to pick up the general noise on the stage. Mostly people talking during scenes and the general cast singing. I called them Rifle mics but I think that might be the wrong thing. I'm thinking on the mics that attach to the front of the stage.

Have I ordered the right thing? If not what is it I need? I have people who are going to set them all up I just forgot to name check them and want to make sure the right stuffs in place to fit on monday :)

If someone could let me know in the next twelve hours or so so I can sort it out I'd be amazingly grateful!


(P.S Thanks to an amazing cast, generous people and lucking into a fab venue I think its going to be an amazing show, I'll try and post pictures/video after the shows next week :) )
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