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Begging request (please delete if inappropriate)

So I posted the other day;

I'm tech producer for a charity show thats on later this week. This is aimed at people in the UK who own/have access to sound equipment.

Basically I'm having massive trouble sourcing radio mics for a price we can afford (basically; almost nothing) we have no budget. The limit of what we can spend is about £150 (£200 at an absolute push, we're flat broke). We're raising money for an amazing place; Mary Ann Evans Hospice, a beautiful, peaceful place for people at the end of their lives.

What we need; 6 radio lapel mics and their recievers, and a minimum of 2 boundary/rifle mics, plus cables to wire them into the sound board. I'm willing to drive pretty much anywhere in the country to pick them up tomorrow or tuesday and will deliver them back again on friday.

I know its a super super long shot but like I said, we're desperate :) I'll throw in a DVD of the show after its done and tickets if you're in the area (Coventry in the Midlands). Post a comment on here or email me at

Mods; Sorry, I know its a little inappropriate so delete if you feel the need! :)
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My wife says have you tried the Belgrade or Warwick Arts Centre? The Belgrade also has performance space at the back that she can't remember the name of. Or possibly Coventry Uni or Hereward College (in Tile Hill) to see if they can help?

Alas I don't have any radio mics or boundary/rifle mics, but I do have a 50m multicore snake and some 25m XLR to XLR mic cables. If you're really pushed for mics, I have a pair of AKG C460B/CK-61 ULS condenser cardioids (which need phantom power but I assume your mixer would have that) but I would need to make sure these would be covered by your insurance before lending them out.
I've actually just ten minutes ago got the radio mics we need. Having issues with Warwick arts centre as is currently closed for refurb but we're heading down first thing in the morning to beg for the rifle mics or boundary mics.

Thank you very much for the kind offer though :)
Cool that's great news :)

Hope it all goes well.

Most of the stuff I do is recording rather than using mics for amplification...
I'm a complete beginner who got voted it by people with even less experience than me, and we've had two weeks to put it together. Its been a steep learning curve! Hopefully it'll all fall into place...
Good luck! I hope it all goes to plan. When is the first performance? Wednesday?