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Help Me Choose!

Although Stagehand Tees has been operational, in that our t-shirts are still for sale and we're still making custom designs, we have all gotten too caught up in Real Life to put out our newsletter in several months.  But we're hoping to change that this month!

With each edition of our newsletter, we usually award one of our Custom Design Submission visitors a free t-shirt and choose that Custom Design to be included into our Shop so that all our other visitors can also purchase that design.

But this time, we can't decide!  We've narrowed the decion down to a handful of slogans, and we're throwing open a poll to see what kinds of things other techies would like to wear.

OK, the poll feature won't work, so here's the list:
Choose Your 1 Favorite Slogan
    * And God Said ... Let There Be Light. Lock It. No Cuts
    * Hung Like A Rigger
    * Sun At Zero Enter
    * Remember, I control the very heavy stuff dangling above your head!
    * Those Guys Are Stronger. Use Them (two arrows pointing left and right)
    * When the money leaves, So do we
    * Will work for swag
    * Stagehand’s Creed: We the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful; We have done so much, for so long, with so little; We can now do virtually anything with nothing!

Please keep in mind that we're polling techies in several locations, so the slogan with the most votes here may not necessarily win the free t-shirt.

And subscribe to our Newsletter to find out who wins!
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