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Casting Notice

Breath of Fire is currently casting Hurricane in a Glass. We always need and appreciate techies. Please come to the audition, introduce yourself, and leave your contact info.

* Sun, Dec 14 -- 11am-2pm

* Mon, Dec 15 -- 7pm-8pm

* Callbacks 8-10pm

* Be prepared to cold read.

* 1-2 min monologues welcomed.

This is a non-union production. No pay available.

Preliminary rehearsals: Dec 16, 18 and 22, 7:30 to 10:30.

Resumes: Jan 3, running thru Feb 12th, evenings & weekends to be arranged.


Breath of Fire Theater 310 W 5th Street (2nd Floor) Santa Ana, Ca 92701

Near the corner of 5th & Broadway

SHOW OPENS: February 13 thru March 7

Fri & Sat @ 8pm; Sun @ 3pm ( Feb 15, 22 & March 1st only)

11 performances with a possible matinee and 1 weekend extension

Setting: Miami, Florida, 2005, during Hurricane Wilma.

Synopsis: Trapped in a Miami nursing home during a howling hurricane, three generations of Cuban-American women struggle to preserve their fading culture. Ofelia, the matriarch, is stricken with Alzheimer's and thinks she is in Cuba; María José attempts to bring her down to earth with round-the-clock care; young Dolores wants to visit the island she has never seen, wondering if she will still feel Cuban once abuela dies.


Ofelia, 80ish, Cuban-born, moved to Miami when she was 40. Suffering from Alzheimer's. Dips between lucid moments in the here and now, and remembered moments of her cherished lost life in Cuba. Currently being relocated to a skilled nursing facility. Wined and dined in her Cuban youth.

Maria Jose, 50s, Ofelia's daughter. Cuban-born, living in Miami since the age of 12. Primary caregiver to her mother... up until now. Gave up dreams to be a doctor when she married, but making darned sure her daughter does not give up hers. Intelligent, compassionate, but worn out. Good sense of humor.

Dolores, 20s, Maria Jose's daughter. American born of half Cuban-descent. Impulsive and intelligent, studying computer science. Distraught that her "indestructible" grandmother is slipping away. Afraid that as her grandmother "disappears", so does any connection to her Cuban heritage.

Soledad, 50s-60s, Maria Jose's new nurse. Cuban-born. Deep guilt drives her compassionate care for Ofelia.

Paco, at least 60, oversexed and wheelchair-bound resident at the skilled nursing home where Ofelia lives. Mischievous, fantastic sense of humor, practices Santeria… sort of.

1-2 Male Actors, age open, to play various roles- Waiter, Doctor, Priest, and Tío José.
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